Troll Encounter

A giant Troll making his way through the woods as he perceives a human in his territory and decides to come by for a nightly surprise visit.

This is my entry for the CG Boost Mythology Challenge.

I used Blender for modeling and texturing, Sculptris and Forger for sculpting, Meshroom for the photoscans that i created in the forests where i live and CyclesX for rendering.


wow, nice render

Thanks, glad you like it

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

That’s great! Thank you and happy Holidays!

Nice work!
Are the characters rigged?

I would like to see an animation of this.

That guy behind the tree looks like a victim of trolling :wink:

Thank you. Yes, very basic rigging just for the pose.
An animation would be cool indeed, but the rendertimes… Maybe i will port this to eevee, then it might be an option.