TRON Legacy Grid Texture Image

I don’t know if this is the right place to put this but I wanted to release a simple tile image that can be used to create the rounded-edge square pattern from TRON Legacy. I was dissapointed that there were no pictures like it on Google images. Here is the tile and an example render. Enjoy


Hi! Thanks for share!
i´m come from 3ds max and i dont know yet how repeat a pattern in blender 2.5, could you explain how do that?

And, how did you do the glow material?

Ok, Here is a basic outline of what to do. I’m a total noob and at this point I only know how to do it on a plane. You should already have a material set up by this point.

  1. Select your plane and go into edit mode.

  2. Open up another screen and switch to UV image editor.

  3. In the UV image editor open the tile image file. The UV grid of the plane will be automatically superimposed over the pic.

  4. In the texture setting for your plane make an image texture and open up the same image and set mapping to UV.

  5. In the UV image editor select all the vertices of the plane and scale up achieve desired result. If you have the 3d veiw set to “Textured” you should be able to see the tiles shrinking and forming a grid.

As I said earlier I’m a noob so if anyone has any better way please tell me, I’d like to know too!

Also, the glow material is a material with “emit” set to 2 and with a “Fog glow” node. you can get the grid to glow also if you want by going to the texture setting and checking the box that says “Rgb to intensity”. The texture for the grid should be set to emit 2 also.

I almost got it… The only thing that appear in the render final image is the Grid (with a awesome Glow), but in “the render proccess” i can see the “Tron” Wheel too without the Glow Effect. Could you check my scene?

EscenatipoTron.blend (982 KB)


How’s this?EscenatipoTron.blend (899 KB)

Hi arexma, thanks for the tip, but there is still a problem.
Here is my Render:

As you can see there is no reflection for the glow effect.I just read that is not possible, because is a post-render effect (only i can see the “glow light” if i put a plane with a “standard” material under the Tron-Wheel).

Any other tip?:eyebrowlift2:

*by the way, i seethis tutorial for my Grid material.

With BI and all it´s renderpasses and the compositor you got various options.
I´d either use a seperate plane showing the glow on a different renderlayer and composit it into the final render, or, simply render the glowing part on a seperate layer, mirror it downwards and blend it in the compositor - kind of the old style OpenGL reflection, where you used a stencil and mirrorrendered the object.

Alternatively you could use a physically correct unbiased raytracer.

Mm… i need the better automatic way, cause i want animate it and i think that is so hard to do all these changes in each frame…or maybe the settings that you are talking about affect the whole render sequence?
and with “you could use a physically correct unbiased raytracer” do you mean “Luxrender”?