Tron style scene in my mobile game

is it hard to navigate this maze? do you think the floor should be complete glossy? or the way it is now? please leave some feedback :slight_smile:

Love the Tron theme. Would make an awesome glass maze !

if the floor was as glossy as the walls, it would be hard to get one’s bearings. i say leave it as-is. :slight_smile:

Thanks guys, haha yeah the game will be set in an endless maze :slight_smile:

One thing I notice in these mobile maze games is that they are often little more than a grid of spaces and walls (it seems that no one bothers to expand on the concept by adding multiple levels, variable widths and room sizes, and variety in the environment).

I’ve looked for a good maze game for my tablet, but I haven’t found any that were worthwhile.

I guess so, difficulty would definitely be increased as the user goes further down the road, the color of the lights would also change throughout the game (blue, red, yellow, green etc). I don’t think adding multiple levels is necessary as this is an endless runner. But I’ll definitely add challenge in some parts of the game! I’m also working on the soundtrack right now :slight_smile:

You misunderstood, I mean things like staircases that go to different ‘floors’ like floors of a building. Not multiple levels as in you pass one and go to another.