Trophy rat

Hey everybody!
For a start, I created the trophy rat, inspired by the vehicle create by Keith Northrup.

I started by creating the frame, adding the engine, and making the body panels.

Next I created the box and rear axle, then I created the front wheel mounts, and exaste.

After this I preceded to create the coil overs, and the shocks.
After installing the suspension, I made the fuel tank and hoses.

the next step was to create the rims and tires, I mostly did this using array modifiers and emptys,
Next, I created the ridge around the cab and engine compartment. I also made the door handles and hinges. After this I made the lights, as well as creating the rad which I forgot to make in the early stages of the build.

Next up was to create the dirt bike, based on the Suzuki RM 250

To start, I created the frame, adding the suspension, and making the engine.
Next, I created the wheels, which I also created with the array workflow.

After this, I created the brakes, sprocket, and chain.

Finaly I created the handle bars, body panels, hoses and wires, and the small details like bolts and screws.

The next step was to texture the vehicles. I did this with a trial version of 3D coat Textura.

The last step was to create the landscape, this I made with A.N.T Landscape addon in blender, then I tweaked the generated mesh in sculpt mode.
Next, I made the grass, shrubs, and rocks, and then scattered the plants over the surface with the particle system.

The last step was to add the vehicles. After that, I added dust and gravel.
Finaly I had to set up the render layers and exported in the OpenEXR Multilayer.
Hope you like this. I will upload the final project in a few days.Final :smiley:
Hum3D car render challenge


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks for the feature Bart! I posted the final today so if you want to use that image instead you can.