Troube with parenting.

I am having trouble with my turrets that are parented to cubes that i duplicated in
the blender game engine some of them fly all over the place.

post a .blend and explain the problem in more detail.

How would i post a blend?

Right by “Post Quick Reply” there is a “Go Advanced” button. After you click it find “Manage Attachments” (It’s near the bottom) And from there you can upload and add .blends to your replies.

I am having trouble posting attachments my file is 2,890 kilobites.

This is the blend.:eyebrowlift:


closest enemies 3.blend (842 KB)

First: very cool :slight_smile:

Second: which state do you want me looking at? And could you explain more about your problem?

Look at my turrets form the side view and you will see i am having trouble with the
bounds of my turrets.

Okay, but on which layer? You have a ton of objects spread out through many layers.

@Infinite: Select all of them – the Sight is pretty confusing, but you cannot miss the Turrets flying wildly through the air. It looks like when I make an Armature a Rigid Body or pretty similar, but it’s got nothing to do with that, obviously. Though the Turrets Behaviour seems to be dependant of where it is placed – maybe it is rather a Problem with the Logic?

I have found the problem it was to make some of the pieces of the turrets no collision.