Trouble Controlling Object Attitude During Emission

I am trying to do something fairly basic using 2.67b, but am having some troubles controlling my particle objects attitude / rotation before and after emission. I have done a couple of experimental attempts to see if I can figure out what’s going on, but I can’t get any consistent results. In one attempt it actually seemed to be working correctly. In the others, the problem was similar but inconsistent. I have a single polygon for the emittor, and I am trying to spawn about 25 instances of an object from it in the direction of the normal. But every time I do it, my particle object comes out at a weird angle, and then changes angle on subsequent frames. I have tried applying rotation to both objects, and I also tried adding everything from top view and not rotating anything, but always the problem. I think it worked one time with a squashed icosphere. I don’t have the particle system or instance set for any kind of random rotation. Any thoughts on what is going wrong?

I don’t think I am understanding you perfectly. Test blend or screenshot?

Are you just trying to do something like this?

This is not the right forum or thread, but, in honor of Suzanne’s 18th birthday here are 18 golden suzies raining down in a particle system.

yes that is what I am trying to do but the problem is, as the oject spawns, it will be facing sideways, then it either straightens out or chooses another direction to face in. I’ll make an example blend…

ok, this is kind of weird. I made a test file, and the first 3 or so times I viewed it, the objects were doing the weird rotating thing, but then after that, they straightened out and behaved as expected. I think maybe the particles are just a little buggy in this version. I’m going to download the latest version and see what happens. Thanks for the reply.

I’m using 2.69 official.