Trouble finding script folder on mac os 10.5

Hello Blenderheads,

I have been using blender for a few months on a PC and have now made the jump to mac.
I have a macbook pro running 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo with mac os 10.5.7

I tried installing blender from the provided link at >downloads> Mac OS > Blender 2.49, Intel (24 MB)

but I don’t believe I installed it correctly. I cannot find the invisible scripts folder. The only folder in the main Blender directory is Plugins.

Is there a different download for mac? Many thanks to those who can answer this!

Perhaps ( I’m only saying this because it’s the case with some linux computers) folders starting with “.” (dot) are hidden in Mac. Try making a folder titled “.Test” if it disappears then I’m right, if not then sorry.

You need to show hidden files.
You can use this widget to hide/show these files


And there is another thing to keep in mind.
Apps on the Mac are packed Folders in most cases.
You can open by rightclicking on it and then choose “Show Package Content” or something similar. I’m not on an English OSX, so I’m not shure about the correct phrase.

If you have made your files unhidden, like Richard suggested, you will find the scriptsfolder under

BTW you can use the blender filebrowser itself as well because it shows all files.