Trouble following tutorial

I am tracing my logo:

I tried a couple times to follow this tutorial to trace using planes:

When I add the two modifiers he talks about I keep getting dents in my object:

If you can’t tell, this is a piece of my “A”

Any ideas on what is going wrong?

Could be a number of things, one thing to try first is go into edit mode, select all and ‘remove doubles’.

I am having trouble with the next one now. I tried to remove doubles but it removed 0 vertices.

That’s probably something bad in the topology as it does look a bit distorted, but without the blend i can’t be sure.
Try to redo your B in a simpler way to keep the topology nicer , it should help with the modifiers (and be sure to use the latest version of Blender in case you have run into a bug that has been fixed)

Wow that is beautiful. Thank you for the great tip. I believe I fixed the problem, I kept extruding random vertices and it caused rendering problems.