trouble getting texture to render in cycles

I have a scene with a plane. I added an image texture to it, and I can see the texture in the preview.

The nodes are

But when I render the scene the plane only has the ‘color’ of the material image. Can’t figure out what I’m doing wrong.
Open to any suggestions.

have you uv unwrapped the plane? if you plan on not unwrapping, use the texture coordinates node, generated output into the input vector of the image

Excellent! Thank you very much - that was the answer - to add the node. The plane was not UV unwrapped.

If you are wanting textures, usually you uv unwrap first… otherwise the texture coordinates will be 0,0,0 for all verticies, which produces that effect you saw before.

unwrapping will allow applying materials more consistant… for tileable textures… smart uv unwrap usually works fine.