Trouble importing UV mapped model in various formats (DXF,VRML,OBJ)

Hello. I bought a 3D model from to use in blender. The model was made in 3D studio max and comes in various formats (.max, 3DS, DXF, OBJ and VRML 2.0). The texture comes in a jpg file. I tried using all formats into blender, but the uv mapping and texture do not show up on the model in any of them. Is that normal? I have inspected the text based file formats and they have texture coordinates (but for example OBJ has no reference to the image file). Does anybody have experience doing this kind of thing? Any pointers would really be appreciated.

Not a single reply. So sad. Anyway, I managed to debug the .obj version of the model and it was missing a required .mtl file that would link the texture to a material and the material to the model. I made one up and it worked. Most likely the other formats were not exported correctly by the author of the model. Oh, and the turbosquid member service people actually figured out a way to convert the model and texture to .blend and sent it to me. Too bad I did not expect them to help me and wasted hours fixing it myself. Gotta have more faith :slight_smile: