Trouble modeling parts of an airplane cockpit

Hi guys, I’ve been getting more familiar with Blender lately, and just recently I started modeling a cockpit for my airplane I am working on. It needs to be as detailed as possible, but still practical enough to not hurt in-game performance. I have been using many photos found on the internet for reference, but since they are taken from between the pilot and co-pilots’ seats, panoramic lenses are required to see the whole cockpit–which obviously causes some major perspective distortion in the image. One of the most difficult areas to visualize with this distortion is what I have circled in the picture below:

It is very hard to tell exactly where and how those three sections come together in that corner. From what I have so far in Blender, it looks like I have it mostly correct, except for where that ledge under the cockpit window intersects the window frame and left edge of the glare shield. (The circled part, sorry there is no other way I can describe it…) With my lack of appropriate reference, It’s getting harder and harder to think about how I’m going to model that part. If anyone has some suggestions on how I should tackle this, please reply. I thank you in advance. :slight_smile:

  • Could you show this mesh fragment in the same projection as the photo? I am not sure which fragment you have already formed…
  • Have you thought how this element is designed in the real airplane? It seems to be a connection point of three different elements: the cockpit glass frame, the instrument panel, and the side “cover”. Are there any technical reason that you have to join these parts into a single mesh, when in the real world they are separate objects?