Trouble On the Glowing Sea

CG-Hi guys,

So I wanted to recreate a stunning scene of the movie: Life of Pi.
In that movie the sea (and the jellyfishes in it) are producing a very beautiful light.

The models were created by myself. The glowing sea was produced by Blend master.
We are planning to make 2 tutorials on this scene so you can create it as well. So if you like to see that you can find or youtube channels down in this post.

I hope you like it and tips are always welcome. Be brutally honest.

Reference Image:

So a big shoutout to blendmaster. I still don’t know how he gets so much depth in the glowing water. Really cool:eyebrowlift:

My channel:

I think your water shader needs some improvement. The correct way to do this should be via volume absorption/scattering. But then it needs a lot more time to render.
Especially a weak volume scattering effect should fix it and makes it glow.