Trouble running fluid simulation mid-animation - domain is always visible until flow starts

Using 3.0 and testing with brand new file

Setup is simplest fluid simulation - cube domain enclosing sphere liquid inflow( emitter)

As expected, If I bake this and play it I see liquid pouring out of the sphere and filling up the invisible domain in the shape of the cube.

But I wanted to animate something else before starting the pour so I turned off the sphere ‘use flow’, advanced to frame 30, turned ‘use flow on’ and added a keyframe by clicking right of use flow.

Now the animation shows a solid cube domain from frame1-30 and I cannot hide it. It hides itself at frame30 when the flow starts.

Turning OFF domain render hides the simulation too.
Turning ON flow for just frame 1 and OFF on frame 2 does sorta work but I always get a drip coming from my emitter

How do I keep my domain invisible no matter what the flow is doing?