Trouble scaling a cylinder

Hi guys,
i am modelling a transport aircraft in 2.65.

I have used “import images as planes” to set up my top, side, and front view background planes.

Added a cylinder and have started to extrude and scale it along top view of my aircraft. All is going well until i go into side view and try to scale vertices to that view…omfg it does anything but what i want?

how do i scale top view, then change to side view and scale it without stuffing the top view one up???

I thought that it was a matter of simply choosing the scale command + y or z planes in each view but that doesnt seem to work?

I have inserted the file into this thread, but for some reason it shows the background images a pink boxes (dunno why) in any case that really doesnt matter as i just want to be able to edit the top view proportions without stuffing up the side view proportions and vice versa!


KC390_Setting up reference blueprints.blend (496 KB)

Well, that’s simple… You delete your 3 planes and use “Background Images” instead. Things will start to make much more sense…

S / X = scale only on global X axis
S / Y = scales only on global Y axis
S / Z = scales only on global Z axis
S / Shift X = scales only on Y and Z global axis
S / Shift Y = scales only on X and Z global axis
S / Shift Z = scales only on X and Y global axis

You can also use the manipulator widget set to scale

it turns out that scale doesnt like to work when im in ortho mode. if i change to perspective, i am able to scale on any axis without unduly stuffing up the others. Its almost like there is some kind of proportional lock on when scaling in ortho?

By the way, whats a fast way of being able to select all vertices around the body of the aircraft (loop select). at the moment, i box select, rotate around using mouse, box select, etc until i have all selected. There is a faster way but i forgot what it is?

ALT + right click will select a loop (a loop of edge/vertices if in edge or vertice select mode, or a loop of face if in face select mode)
With the mouse cursor location telling Blender in which direction this loop selection must happen.

In top view you can set the X and Y coordinates of each vertex, but have no information about the Z component. Now go to side view: you can see the Y and Z positions, but not the X one. So the Y position of each vertex should already be correct – if it is not, you need to change the relative position or scale of your reference images. You can now move each vertex in the Z direction to match the side reference image: whether you do that by scaling (S-Z) or translating (G-Z) is up to you, but as long as you only move in the Z direction you will not change the top view.

I have inserted the file into this thread, but for some reason it shows the background images a pink boxes

You need to pack the images into the .blend file.

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