Trouble using LibLoad then LibNew


I am trying to use LibNew with MeshProxy i get earlier from LibLoad. My version of blender is 2.71, and it seems that the bug tracker said this version support LibNew dynamic read of LibLoaded.
Instead, i can’t get my solution working.

I use the example .blend linked in the bug and it work, but if I change mesh name Cube in library.blend to Cube2 and then in the LibLoad_Mesh_00.blend script, the new mesh does not load, an only plane remains.

So maybe the bug is resolved, but I can’t get it working

Here my example .blend, problem happens with mesh “hull” i load from mavoiture.blend. Things happens in Can you help me? (247 KB)


It’s working here (also 2.71). Just to be sure I did the same thing, here’s what I did: I changed the name of the mesh of object ‘Cube’ tot ‘Cube2’, and then saved Library.blend. (So now object with name ‘Cube’ has a mesh named ‘Cube2’). Then, in LibLoad_Mesh_00.blend, I changed the second parameter of function add_clone() to ‘Cube2’.

Edit1: Looking at your game, you basically have to change the name in line 34 of You took the name of the object (‘Hull’) instead of the name of the mesh of ‘Hull’, which is ‘Cube.001’.

Edit2: I should warn you that LibFree is causing some issues with both LibNew and LibLoad. So if you would experience any crashes with LibFree, you know that this was reported already.

Right, i didn’t notice there is a difference between “object” and “mesh” because wiki says object have so often only one mesh.

Now i have a new problem, I will do another thread because it’s another subject

Thank you