Trouble with a .max file

I found a model train on 3D Xtras that would fit perfectly into a scene that I’m working on (Link: ). The problem is, it’s a .max file, which I know can only be opened in 3DS Max. I downloaded a trial of 3DS Max 2012 onto my computer, but when I go to open the file, it says that I’m missing a DLL file.

Can someone explain to me what exactly I need to do to open it? By a quick google search it says that maybe the file is outdated? I don’t want to have to model the whole thing by myself if I can just use this file.

Or if someone wants to be super nice and convert it to an OBJ file for me so as to avoid any 3DS Max shenanigans? Thanks a lot in advance!! :slight_smile:

I’m not having any success downloading that file.