Trouble with Bevel Objct


I want to extrude the small curve Socle.002 along the long curve Socle.001 (selected). So, I have defined Socle.002 as a bevel object for Socle.001. Both curves are 3D. Yet, whatever I do Socle002 is extruded flat. Can you help?

Thanks in advance,


P.S : This is probably ridiculous, but really, I can’t sort it out :frowning:


Zut.blend (422 KB)

Put your bevel object to World Origin and play with roation to understand how it works.

Make your bevel object only exist in the x,y plane and apply transforms.

Why so complicated? Extrude perimeter edges, separate, extrude Z and scale upper outer edge loop would do the same without trying to get curves to play nice…

“Why so complicated?”

It’s not that complicated at all. If you know how to do curve beveling, you can make it faster this way AND more importantly, you learned another tool you can make all kinds of more complex stuff later. The point is learning.

Good point. I should push myself some time, really. Thanks.

I had completely forgotten that !
Many thanks, helluvamesh.