Trouble with getting an armature to obey physics

I have a model dragon with an armature parented to it that i’m using in the game editor

When I try to get the armature to obey gravity (by setting it to “Dynamic”) it crashes through the ground; presumably because of the small collision surface and/or lack of material.

I can solve this by setting the armature to “Static” and the model to “Dynamic” but this leaves another problem; since the Armature is the parent and Static, it stays behind. So no physics.

How would I get this model to obey physics without crashing through the ground.

you ll need another aproatch to that, you can use a cube as the dinamic object and let the armature and the character s mesh as no colision objects or create a custon setup to make your character move better on the scenario, never use the armature for the physics

Yeah, armatures themselves have no actual faces or volume and aren’t designed for physics. You can however parent them to any mesh object which can be used for physics and make that mesh object invisible. For most things a sphere will suffice. Just make sure that your dragons skin and the armature are set to use no physics. If you have one physics object inside another you’ll get weird results. If they’re parented to each other, they’ll usually go flying off the screen randomly.

Yeah I’ve had things explode before.
Great ideas, thanks. I’ll use those.