trouble with high poly / low poly


I’m fairly new to Blender and modeling in general and have watched many tutorials as I am teaching myself. I’m having trouble with using the normal map and SVG from a high poly model to make a low poly model have the same details as the high poly. The problem is that their UV maps are different, so they do not line up properly.

I’m not quite sure how to fix this and I apologize for my most likely “noob” question.

Can people please recommend an efficient pipeline/workflow for making high and low poly versions of a model?


The high poly and low poly models can have totally different UVs. Use the Render / Bake options to bake from the high detail UV to the low detail UVs. Enable the Selected to Active option to bake from one object to another

Your question is not “nooby”. As you’ve probably heard, no question is a bad question…just post it

The fact is, you don’t actually need the high-poly model unwrapped for a normal map bake. Put them so that their origins are in the same place on the object/mesh and are (0,0,0). Then, have the low-poly unwrapped and make a blank image with it. Select the high-poly first, then the low-poly, and in the bake options, hit “selected to active”. this will make the normal map with the low-poly’s UV map.

I’m not sure about AO and color maps, but this method will work for normal maps. It SHOULD work for most other baking options, as most have the “selected to active” option

sidenote: SVG as in Scalable Vector Graphic? I don’t think blender has that, well at least my version 2.69…
Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Oh, thank you both for your help! My issue is resolved with the baking!

Haha, thanks for the support! :slight_smile:

sidenote: SVG as in Scalable Vector Graphic?

Sorry, I didn’t specify that I also use Substance Designer and the SVG is done in that program. Sorry for confusion, lol.

Thank you both again, much appreciated!