Trouble with making a cage for normal baking

Hi there,

I’m making a couch with pillows containing creases and folds. I’d like to use a low-poly version for an archviz walk-through.

Few questions…

  • For those areas between the cushions/pillows (circled in red, image below), what is the ideal way to handle that? I know the cage would have trouble capturing that crevasse, so should I fill that area or prior to baking?

  • Regarding cages in general. I’m unclear on when to use them. I’d think in most instances they provide the most accurate results, but I don’t really know. I’ve seen some tutorials with good results without using cages, since the “tutor” simply adjusts the ray distance. What confuses me about this is that I don’t understand how it works if parts of the mesh overlap and protrudes in different areas - unless the ray distance “shoots” from both directions?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you!

You can use xNormal if the cage doesn’t work.
Here is a Tutorial on YT. xNormal is a free app.

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Awesome, thank you!