trouble with paths

(Mr. X) #1

I am making a simple animation of a space fighter flying through an asteriod field but if I try to make the fighter fly upside down it instantly flips back. Is there some way to stop this or am I stuck the right way up forever?:confused:


(zdk1) #2

works fine for me. sounds like you have previously set a rotation keyframe. add a new keyframe where you want the new rotation to be.

If thats not it you may have some other constraints active


(SoylentGreen) #3

No, you aren’t. Paths may be a little tricky. At first you should apply scale and rotation on your plane and also on your path. This makes shure that locaL Z is global Z and the like.

Now you should use a path constraint, not a “Follow Path” parent.



(Mr. X) #4

I’m sorry I didn’t put enough information in that last post. Barrel roll type upside down works just fine but if the ship does a backflip it swaps to rightside up half way through it. I guess this is because paths don’t have a specific up and only keep track of rotation, if that makes any sense. :confused:


(zdk1) #5

odd, what type of curve are you using? I recommend using the “path” curve (really a nurbs curve with interpolated endpoints)

could you upload a blend file?

also, do you have “curve follow” activated?


(Mr. X) #6

I am using a path curve and I used a follow path parent so Im not sure what’s wrong.
here is the file
look just at the end of the path, there is a backwards loop. if you play the animathoin you’ll see that it switches right side up as it goes over.