trouble with splashing a moving object

I have a scene with a fluid sim where I have an object falling into water it is supposed to splash but it doesn’t. The mesh is marked as a fluid obstacle with no slip only option for moving objects? (i don’t want it sticky i just want a splash.) The mesh is always within the fluid domain… Is there a setting i should be aware off? I cant upload the blend file its too big so just throw some guesses at me and I will try them!

It is a low poly mesh surrounding the ring I have called ring proxy.001 so as to not make it too hard for blender to compute…

I cant upload the blend file its too big
Then make a simplified scene which stil demonstrates your problems

Your scene as shown doesn’t really give any useful info on how you’re trying to make a splash. Is the obstacle animated, if so what is it doing ?


splash.blend (197 KB)

The mesh is animated to land in the water with key frames you can see on the right the settings on the physics panel for the animated mesh the fluid sim is working apart from that crash. As I mentioned the mesh is within the domain the whole time I know that can give problems.

The screenshot shows nothing of any real usefulness. If the current selected object is the animated object I don’t see any keyframes in the timeline to indicate what type of animation is being used.

As I said supply a blend file that demonstrates the problem

Hi while I was simplifying the scene to something up-loadable I noticed I had moved the mesh to a different layer from the domain moved it over and sorted fine (Doh!) You were right it wasn’t key framed but was parented to a key framed object… I wasn’t trying to be awkward not uploading the blend, file just being stupid…