Trouble with textured view

I have an object on which I have been working since 2.49 (it might be relevant).

Having finished the modelling I am unwrapping the object and I have a problem.

Using a generated UV grid as a reference in the UV/image editor, I cannot for the life of me make it appear in the 3D view (in alt+z textured mode).

Same thing for a cube in the same scene.

If I do a new scene and unwrap a cube and put a UV grid reference in the UV/image editor, it works.

So I might have deactivated something I should not have?

Any help is welcome.

Update : nuked all the scene, made a new one, appended all the object, still the same problem. Impossible to get the texture to appear on the object. On the other hand a cube unwrapped and assigned a UV grid appear perfectly textured.

Exported the problematic object as an OBJ and reimported it. Texture works. I’m starting to freak out…

Is it possible that meshes from 2.49 have a problem with UV in blender 2.5?

Am I doomed to redo everything in 2.5?!

Ok, found that I had to check “textured solid” in the properties in the shading portion… nevermind :slight_smile: