Trouble with To Sphere Function


I need some assistance with Blender’s To Sphere option. I’ve created a mountainous terrain with a 32x32 grid, and I want a leaning tower emerging from the ground. I tried to delete a square portion of the grid, then set the hole To Sphere, so that I might extrude a hollow tower from the mesh.

The only problem is that the To Sphere option will only scale bigger than the hole, not smaller to fit within the original square hole.



Do To Sphere, and then scale it to the size you want.

I’ve tried that, but it won’t let me scale it smaller into a circle within the hole. In other words, it won’t go negative -

You might have an easier time creating the tower out of a cylinder, positioning it the way you want it, then connecting it with the terrain using ‘make faces’ between the bottom row of verts in the cylinder and the verts surrounding the hole in the grid. Just make sure the cylinder and the hole have the same number of vertices.

You don’t need negative scaling to make things smaller, just a scaling factor less than 1.

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thanks! I’m making a game map, so I’m really trying to make the entire map a single mesh

I’m really new to this stuff so if none of that made sense to you i understand

one other thing…

is there a way to close an open cylinder without using shift+f?

when I use shift+f, it closes it w/ triangles, when I want the verts to join in the center as one vert

  1. Make sure your pivot/scaling point is set to ‘Median’. (Or put the 3D cursor where you want the centre point to be.)
  2. Select the open end of the cylinder.
  3. 'E’xtrude, then 'S’cale by a factor ‘0’ and ‘Enter’ to accept.
  4. ‘W’ (Specials) - ‘Remove Doubles’.

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fantastic! thank you very much, MCollett