Trouble with trueSpace, Blender, and VRML

(hotsnoj) #1

Can VRML handle multiple texture maps? I’m converting FS ships to the .blend format. And I use VRML to convert the POF to .blend.

Here is the Lucy in VRML. Any help given is much appreciated

(mthoenes) #2

I don’t really have an answser, but i have been moving truespace .cob models to blender and I use Accutrans 3d shareware to do it. It is a very powerful file converter. A google search for accutrans 3d will bring up a download link. perhaps that will help…

(hotsnoj) #3

Not what I was looking for. But thank you anyway. It says that it doesn’t support texture conversion. Something I really need to have in a converter because I can’t UV map well.