Trouble with Vertical Toolbar Tabs! Any idea or script to fix this mess?

Hi Guys,

I can’t fix the left sidebar, too many addons!

Is there some trick to reorganize the whole thing?

Thanks in advance.

Disable the addons you don’t use. Do you always use all of them all the time
Complain to the addon author to use the tab guidelines. Are their addons so unique that they need a new dedicated tab ?
Edit the addon script to change the tab name so you can combine associated ones to the same tab name. See that tells you the line to change in the script.

Thanks for the quick reply and also for the link!

I could disable some addon but 3/4 are virtually indispensable… I think the developers should integrate addon as retopo tools and many more in the future in blender.

it would be nice in the future to be able to easily & freely organize tabs, move them, setting the contents inside and maybe even be able to add tabs on more than one column if necessary.

Thats an atrocius design flaw, when one hovers the mouse over each tab should reveal itself and squeeze the other ones, or something like that… and there should be a manual way of merging them or moving it’s stuff around without the need of even basic coding skills…

You can edit the addons and change the bl_category and then save.

without the need of even basic coding skills…
Change one name on one line of the script.
You could also just pin them all to create one ginormous scrolling tab

Quite simple to do, maybe a little boring, but really useful!

Many thanks!

And that’s why a combobox (with assignable hotkeys for each item) would have been so much nicer than this vertical-tab mayhem. I’m just glad they spared us the big icons…

very nice work.