Troubles with Face Bone Tool for Blender

Hi! I’m new to blender. Installed face bone tool for blender 2.56 and generated bones for face. All works correctly, except sliders for facial morphs (different phonemes) in ‘custom properties’ panel. I’m changing values of sliders from 0 to 1, but nothing happens.
What I doing wrong? Help, please
I have blender 2.65, but plugin for 2.56, may be problem there?

Generating the rig is only the first step. Now you have to create a relationship between the bones and the mesh (which involves joining the face rig with the body rig as well) and then weight paint. There a series or two on Blender Cookie covering such things and they have a search option on-site.

Sure, I know about it. I already linked these bones to face mesh and it works fine. I can move bones and see, how changes face geometry. But I don’t know why facial sliders doesn’t work! In demo videos of this plugin everything is simple. I’m doing like there, but bones doesn’t move at all

Okay, you’d best post your .blend file. It could be several things, so that would be easiest.

I don’t know how to upload here, so .blend at google drive

Sorry, I’m stumped, too. I never worked with this system.

Perhaps someone else has?

As you can see from this demo video (starting from 1m 40sec)
using this system is piece of cake. But i don’t understand why it doesn’t work.
By the way, I found in the forums users with the same not resolved problem…
Thanks for your help

At first, I thought recent changes in Blender may had broken the script, but I went all the way back to 2.56 and still had no luck.

The only clue I got from playing around was that every armature modifier had somehow lost its link to its “To Action.” In older versions of Blender, I was able to reselect it from the list, but in the latest version I’m using (r54348) this selection can’t be made. That leads me to believe the problem is at least partially because of changes in how armature modifiers are linked to drivers. This is just a guess and may be way off.