Troubles with smoke simulator in blender 2.5

Hi. Today I just downloaded the alpha 2 version of blender 2.5 for windows 64 bit. I have heard a lot about it’s new abilities with smoke and fire and am very excited to test them out for myself. However upon trying out Andrew Price’s tutorial on how to create a bonfire, I have run into some problems. I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s some problem with the program or my system, but if I try to bake the smoke at high resolution the domain cube goes black. I tried to compare my settings as well as I could make out by Price’s tutorial, but as soon as I press the “show high resolution” button it goes black and after baking there is no playback of smoke even if I turn off the “show high resolution” button (which makes the cube go clear again). If anyone can give me some direction it would be appreciated.