hello blenderworld,

here is a loop made with a truck from the traffiq collection,
only the main tempo of the truck is animated, the rest is done by the addon.
I added some dirt and put the cabin on a hookmodifier which has a noisedeformer in the z-movement,
some particle-gravel, and smoke (embergen), the lensflare is then extra rendered(flarewizard)
rendering 1537*720 ca 40sec/frame rtx3090 512samples
Nishita-sky 2.93.4,


Amazing work. the realistic bouncing of the car is something I have tried to achieve in the past without much success.

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thank you,
i am impressed by the possibilities in blender (except for
rigging) but rendering/speed, look, assets, addons free/paid really impressed and yes the cabin movement was just a key for the x-rotation and the further movement was created with a curve-noise-modifier, worked great.
The truck needs only the path and the ground ,the truck-rig from traffiq generates the tire rotation and the steering movement, and a general absorber deflection, everything is already in there.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thanks Bart,
have a nice weekend, too.

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I would add wobble from side to side of the truck. Think that might improve the realism more :slight_smile:


Hi Adam,

originally I had animated it that way,

but I’m not sure if a truck really does that?!

Matěj gave me a reference 1min.03sec
from the animator’s point of view I agree with you (maybe a touch of wobble).

I suspect that along the vehicle axis the normal wheel suspension takes up the suspension :thinking:

Are there perhaps truck drivers in the Forum?!