It is beginning of my new work. I hope that it will become a gas tank truck.


… Thats great!

Testing materials for tank.


some improvement


Tank is almoust finished :slight_smile:


Nice work! :slight_smile: I like the material but the floor refletion looks a bit wierd. I’d guess it’s because your floor is to small so in the reflection you see the floor just disapear.

Started rest of the truck.


Soon can start the rest of the scene :slight_smile:


Autobots, transform and roll out!

If you find any good references for Mack Trucks, I would be interested in knowing about them. I’ve been dieing to make an avatar for me.

Wow, that’s cool.

I’m wondering how long each of these takes to render.

hi, is there any chance you could do a lower poly count one that will render with the BI render engine, and send me it? I’m making a film at the mo, and would like some background vehichles if you please. Thanks!