I have been working on a Truck for some time in my spare time and maybe its time i attempt to post on forums :stuck_out_tongue:

There still is lots to do from modelling to materials and rendering, please leave feeback as that is the reason i am posting.

Old Cycles render no longer using Cycles.

Edit -------------------------------------------------- Update
There is a Update on my Truck Model which I almost forgot to upload to this site and my blog, so with out any more delay here is the Truck in 360 degree spin video HD.

I still have finish the color/materials/texture it, but I am very happy with how it is so Far.

That’s great modeling detail, it’s hard to say what I think of it until you assign some other materials to the smokestacks and such. For the wheels there’s a tutorial on Blenderguru and another one on Blender Cookie (for Cycles.)

Thank you, I will change the materials soon for the next update :wink:

Small Update on the back of the truck.
I’ve been busy for the last few weeks and tried a few experiments in blender , any how i have squeezed some time into my truck too day.

Got much to do on it still :p.

Very good modelling on the truck so far :slight_smile:
The only thing that looks a bit weird to me is the container shown in that pic seems a bit too wide compared to the rest of the truck, but that could just be the of the angle of the latest pic playing tricks on me. O_o

I’m not too sure myself how wide to make the container, at first it seemed to thin for me so i changed it to what you see in the last post, but now you say that maybe its to wide.
Ill attach 2 images in this reply, one is a update and the other is orthographic from the top , take a look at the top view for me tell me what you think about the containers size ;).

Too wide for my taste, but works

Here’s one like yours…

but I’m more used to seeing these:

First, I really like the model.
I thought maybe this would help.

Thank you both for references, ill adjust it soon.
As right now i want to get started on the lighting and rendering, I’m not a fan of cycles so ill be switching to blender internal render engine as cycles has no network render and has issues passing light though glass, it also has no network render and this may be for animation and time is everything.

I really like the stylized proportions of the vehicle. It’s tough, without being too cartoony. Looking good.

Ill keep that in mind.

Just walked the dog around the block and got lucky that a truck pass’d me by and i took a quick look at his rear end, ill make my adjustments soon to width and maybe a little in height.

Started on my blender internal render and lighting how does this lighting look so far ?.

That’s Blender Internal? You make it look like Cycles! Awesome job so far, looks realistic with a custom design, if that makes any sense.


Yes the render in post 11 “aka the the grey truck” is Blender Internal :slight_smile:

This is the red material so far using the nodes a course, trying to get closer to my red paint from my cycles render which i dropped. :wink:

note that the width of the container has been slightly reduced in this image.

Slight update on Lighting, notice around bottom of truck now shows shadow better compared to image above, shadows in bottom of container and much more Glass materials added to windows.

Not to sure on which parts will be which color so feel free to leave ideas :wink:

Can’t tell exactly where the fifth wheel connection is under the trailer but, are you sure you can turn the tractor without hitting the corners of the trailer? The trailer looks really close but maybe it’s just the angle.

Here is a quick update, its Blender Internal Render not Cycles.

Are you following this tutorial?

Yes sorta, i started with it as a guide line and changed things how i want them as i go long with it :wink:
Its a test of my skills to see if i can do everything which is done in 3ds Max in side Blender, and so far i have manged to do everything on my own(seems like there’s not much left to learn in modeling just practice now) :p. Its really great for brushing up my skills and making sure i have not missed anything.

Its feels like a good trainings series once you download all 32 videos, its a very good tutorial I highly recommend.
Just because its max or maya etc does not mean we can not follow them ;), in fact i rather follow other software because well simply there is more of them.

Update, pretty much all the modeling is now finished however i may still be adding more. :stuck_out_tongue:
Mostly got to work on the rendering and composting now, finally got to chose which parts should be which colors so if anyone has any ideas please do tell me :wink:

If any one could tell me how to remove that grey boarder from around the bottom of the wheels it would be most appreciated. Its happening in both Blender and Gimp when i try to composite the layers.

I think the tires should be thicker, it doesn’t look very heavy duty with its current wheels.

Little busy at the moment i Hope too do a update in the next week, its been hell for me in the last few days.