True screen co-ords?

(OOPz) #1

Im trying to make some eyeballs in an exported runtime that track the mouse as it moves around the screen, Unfortunalty Rasterizer can only see relitive coords of the blender area/3dscreen… anyone have any bright ideas how to get to the true screen coords?

(lizard809) #2

i had fun makin this one for ya

(OOPz) #3

LMFAO!.. that is special :wink:

Very similar to what iv done… only your code is a LOT smaller :slight_smile:

unfortunaly- It dosnt answer the problem. If its exported from 2.25 it will only react to mouse movement over the gameframe area (which im planning to be only about 50*25 pixels), i need the actual mouse coords not the blender screen coords.

(lizard809) #4

i know what you mean now and i dont think its possible

(OOPz) #5

Oh nutts… thanks anyhow.