Finally after 3 months of working on creating space scenes and converting them to HDRi’s, I’ve released True-space; a pack of 18 world nodes for use in Blender cycles and eevee.

Each world comes in 2 sizes, 4/5k and 8/11k, with soon to be added 15/21k worlds for those who really want to push their machines.

The world’s come built with a Exr file for lighting, and a PNG for camera view, so that the 4k and 8k images are used for lighting and the 5k and 11k images are used for the camera view, allowing for optimised render times. You can, if you decide to, mix these up and use 4k for lighting and 11k for camera view to even more optimise your render times. But just remember, even though you can’t see the exr in the camera view, it does show in reflective surfaces and also impacts the fidelity of the lighting.

Grab it now while it’s on sale, and use code “Existing25” for an additional 25% off, giving you a saving of almost 50% off full retail price. Don’t wait around as the promo launch price will be gone soon.