Truffula Trees

Well, in honor of the new Lorax film coming out (which I really want to see for the style looks wonderful), I decided to make a truffula tree scene in blender. It’s actually odd, because i’m using internal which I haven’t used for a loooong time (actually I haven’t used blender in general for a while). Anyway, here’s current progress. Don’t mind the grass. Also, any ideas on how I can get that bark texture using procedurals?

I just closed blender out of frustration when I couldn’t get that effect.

I saw the Lorax today, and I thought I’d recreate those trees. How did you do it? did you actually comb them?

Also: this is my first post here, I’ve been lurking for a while, just never bothered to post anything.

Edit: whoah, i signed up over a year ago and never actually posted anything, well, this is embarrassing… :o

Yeah, I combed the particles. Once this gets to a good place, I’ll upload it to blendswap for ya.

and how many parent particles did you use? It seems like you used really few parents then added children with a slight clump to them, am I right or way off?

I don’t usually play with the hair particles besides for grass.

Pretty much. I actually have 1000 parents (default) and 50 children per parent. So, there are a lot of particles. Not to mention the 1,000,000 grass particles.

And did you only use the comb tool (well, particle mode in general) or is there also a vortex force?

Here’s my attempt, I’m quite pleased considering this is the first time I use the comb tool. Do you know of a way to control hair like regular particles? I’m much better at those.

Do you know of a way to control hair like regular particles? I’m much better at those.

Meaning? I’m afraid i don’t understand.

Well, there are ways to control particles using curves as guides, and define how strong/weak the influence is. I tried using hair dynamics and a force field, but they are not as precise, harder to use, and generally let go and let the hair fall down after about 110 frames.

Well, this is a freeze frame, sooo… But regardless, if you can get the desired affect using force fields, I’m pretty sure you can apply the force field’s affects and then just add physics with quite a stiff trait on the particles with a wind force field for animation.

Well, a little update on grass. i’m going to have to change it around a little to keep it from showing through the trees. Also I know that there aren’t enough grass particles, but this frame took 5 hours on my computer so…

The strands of grass are too thin, especially in the foreground. try making them a bit thicker (materials menu -> strand)