Trumpet - Cycles

Heya! Its my 1st BlenderArtists post ever :slight_smile:

Its an old model of mine that I revisited thanks to the fact I realized Cycles works with Intel cards for GPU :slight_smile:

Photoshop was used for post production.

Thanks for watching :slight_smile:

Very nice! you should post to one of the Cycles threads as well. It would be great to hear what kind of settings / rendertimes you had.

Nice render!

The image at the bottom was rendered on 8600 passes with full gobal illumination + env map.
the middle image is only 450 passes old because I thought it wont get noticably better and the top image was about 2.5K passes.

The combined rendering time was about 10 hours (8600 on pretty high settings :frowning: + 2500~ + 400~ is quite a lot for me )
on an Nvidia GeForce 9600T GPU rendering.

Some colour currection on photoshop too.

Thanks for the comment comeinandburn :slight_smile:

anyone else?

Hi Alphablue!

I don’t find much to say, it’s a good model under a good lighting… Usually I feel more talkative when I see more complex renders, with a complete environment… I suggest to study the way to add a stry to this trumpet!
It’s also needed some textures’ work…

Good cycles test so far!

Nice, but the tops of the valves (the buttons) should be perl, with silver until the valve slide casing which is attached to the main body of the trumpet. Well thats what most of them look like, yours might be different ! :slight_smile:


Yeah, yours is more of a hybrid bugle with valves. There are moving parts that you did not take into account. That is one of the difference between a bugle and a trumpet. Also the first valve seems to have no connection to the tubing at all. The spit valves actually have cork and operate on a specialized spring mechanism. Just being picky, I am a trumpet player.

Good start, however. But notice in the photo. The reflections in a trumpet are more mirror like and less blurry. When you go to fake trumpets or toy trumpet you get the look that you have.

I was going for a frosty kind of look you would somewhat expect to get from blowing hot air into a cold metal instrument.
I used to be a trombone player, might try a trombone too.
anyway, thanks for the comment, ill take it into account for my next project.

anyone else?