Trumpet WIP

I’ve created a model of a trumpet. This will be my first real “release,” outside of my half-arsed WC attempts. Made entirely with mesh editing, mostly using circles. Accurate down to spit valves and pearl valve tops. The EnvMaps are still giving me trouble, but I’ll figure them out. Maybe I can’t reflect one object with an Envmap off of another? Anyway, here it is:

Hmm, I would say that it’s not a bad start at all. I just have a few details that bother me. First, the whole horn looks rather elongated in comparison to the valves, etc. The water keys look a bit small too. And the keys shouldn’t stick so far out of the valve casing. And also you might get it to look smoother if you subsurf it - in my experience, subsurf deals kindly with tube-like bores. And a final though - the envmaps might look better if you make more of a scene around it - like a simple table or something. Overall, not bad (and that mouthpiece looks really good too- a Schilke maybe? :wink: )

Very nice model. :o

Theeth gave me some great advice for this problem, check out this thread:

Tip: With multiple envmaps, put 1 on each layer, this way they will reflect off each other too.

Hope this helps


yeah env maps are tricky =\ sometimes they just dont wanna reflect other reflecting objects, so u gotta do em one at a time… bah

looks very nice though, very authentic… what are your plans for it? a scene maybe?

Not bad for a beginning.
Is that a Yamaha?
Are you gonna give it tunning slides?
The valves could be reproportioned a bit
and the curves rounded out more where the tubbing bendes.
Over all though it’s really nice piece of work.

yeah, the valve outer casing is too short, it needs to stick down and up some.