I’ve been working on this trumpet for a little while but haven’t looked at it for almost a year ago. I’ve played trumpet for six years and decided to it just for fun, and it started coming out pretty good so i decided to continue. This is what I have now…

By the way I know this isn’t completely finished obviously so feel free to voice your input.

yay, you even have the slide pulled out an inch. :slight_smile: everything seems pretty accurate, but you’re missing the knobs that go on the end of the sildes for the first and second valves.

Yeah, your’e right that was my next step. Wasn’t sure if anyone would notice… :smiley:

So… anything else that needs fixing?

I wouldn’t know the anatomy of a trumpet so I really can’t comment on that, but the modeling seems good. I think it’s cool. One thing that would really jazz it up, realism-wise, would be lighting it with an HDRI probe or at least a spheremap, cause then you’d get all the reflections and everything. On the off chance you don’t know how to do that, check out the HDRI tutorial on the mediawiki.

Okay, I made the little knobs and fixed a few things. I also added another connector inbetween the pipes in the middle which I had forgotten. And I haven’t had a chance to try the HDRI.
The next thing I’m planning on fixing model-wise would be the tops of the valve buttons because it’s not very detailed as you can see…

Oh yeah, I won’t be able to update anything in a few days until like early January as I won’t be able to use my computer.