Quite new to this forum

4 hours total work time, rendered in cycles with 300 samples

very beautifull

Nice work.
I think it would be better with a wood table rather than a white one, and compositing. The score is a piano score (perhaps disturbing for musicians).

Looks really nice. I thought the mouthpiece was bigger though I haven’t looked at a trumpet in ages.

Thanks for the feedback.

I added the wooden table and made the mouthpiece larger, I also did some post processing on the shadows.

you are a fantastic artist

Good work. I play the trumpet so I could possibly be of help. I see that you are missing a few parts. Most trumpets these days have Third Valve slides, google “Trumpet Third Valve Slide Ring.” ALL Trumpets also have spit-valves on the main tuning slide and third valve slide. One critique is the bottom of valves, the caps, have holes that are important. The overall proportioning is very realistic. You’ve done very good work.

Happy blending,

Thanks for the advice, though i don’t think that I’ll be revisiting this scene for a while (got other projects on the go). I’d be happy to send over the mesh to anyone who’s interested, however.