Try to mesh particleSystem

create a particleSystem with ramp noise scale particles at begining of curve.
than create mesg with particle instance modifier and than geometry nodes to mesh this.
Geometry nodes can`t see a scale particles to mesh it right.
any solution to mesh particleSystem without particleInstancer modifier?

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Hello !

No I don’t think so, it’s more likely that devs didn’t bother port that attribute to GN, since particle system is going EOL at some point …

What is the issue with particle instance modifier ?
A quick hack is to use it and emit some planes, then you use the areas of these planes/faces to get the size of the particles. And of course their center to get the point position.

The other possibilities that I saw involves some python to bind all that to a mesh and store size as a vertex group, but I don’t see any benefit going that road…

Exterior Band Width setting is adding voxels around particles.
If you set this setting to zero, you should obtain a rmore faithful conversion from mesh to volume.