Try to rig shoes in the correct way

hello i have successfully learned rigging through cg cookie turtorials. Now I started a more complex project. But I have troubles moving my shoes without distorting it. I don’t know how to fix it. I couldn’t join all shapes so I made an FBX of the model. but this also did not work in order not to distort it. What is the correct way to do it? thank you so much!

i didn’t find a solution here in the courses or not even on YouTube.

It looks to me like you’re using autoweights on multiple, non-manifold meshes. Autoweights don’t work well for that.

If I wanted to rig that shoe, with the bones you’re showing, I’d probably create a quick, low-poly cage mesh, autoweight it, then use a data transfer to copy weights from the cage to the shoe (on nearest face interpolated).

You could also manually weight paint it, but I think this is a situation where autoweights on the proper cage would give you better, smoother weights.

thanks a lot. i would try your way