Trying ( and failing) to convert a multi BSDF shader setup to a principled BSDF setup

Hi All,
I’m trying to recreate Ricocilliers Fantastic “Simple SSS Setup” from Blend Swap as a Principled BSDF, but just ends up looking washed out.
Ricocillies shader setup uses mix shader nodes and hue/sat nodes which really help giving the skin a richer colour.
I guessing a lot of the conversion, but feel I could be heading in the wrong direction with any of the nodes.
I not too sure what to do about the Glossy BSDF in relation to the principled shader and the various mix rgb nodes like what connects the diffuse and the subsurface together?

I’ve attached screen shots of the node setups and their results to see if anyone can help and give advice on how I should connect the principled shader to get the same result as Ricocilliers.
I think the hue/sat and the mix shader either side of the Subsurface BSSRDF have a lot of influence on the richness of the skin tone.

Any help with this would be Fantastic
Thanks in advance.