trying to animate keyframes in game logic -.blend included

I’ve tried everything to get a simple walkcycle to animate when my character moves forward. I removed the logic in the uploaded file to create a blank slate, I have a simple human form the .blend model repository and an empty hanging around which I was planning to parent the armature to for the movement, not really sure if that’s right. I figured out four axis movement so that the guy doesn’t fly off the frame but I’m not sure how to get ipo frames or nla frames to start when the chrarcter moves.
I’ve tried tutorials and forum suggestions and haven’t found anything that works.
perhpas the animated frames weren’t setup correctly???
Included is the .blend if anyone wants to give it a shot. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks a ton


maletest.blend (331 KB)

“Armature Modifier” don’t work in the game engine
You must assign manually the different “Vertex Groups”
But before “unparent” the Armature to the mesh and the Empty…it’s not a good setup in my opinion
Place the center of the Armature in the middle of the “body” ( near pelvis)
Do Ctrl-A keys
Do the same to the "body object/mesh)
Assign “Vertex Groups” to it
Parent the “body” to the Armature
Place the 3D cursor in the center of the Armature and add a “cube” ( make it invisible)
This cube will be the “player” ( scale it to “envelope” the character), so make it an “Actor/Dynamic”, and make sure that “collision” is enabled for all the faces
Disable “collision” for the body mesh.
Parent the Armature to the Cube
It should work now…I hope?!

I checked out your instructions and I got about half way there, I remade the armature and created the vertex groups (poorly) and made a few wild contorions which I then was able to link to an actuator.
As I mentioned I recreated the armature from scratch as well as the vertex groups, it’s great practice but given the file, is that necessary? it seems to have a nicely grouped armature setup already. Can i just reassign the vertex groups that already exist?

thanks for all your help so far, and the OTO tutorial was also a big help on this.


Thank you for your kind comments!
Yes, I guess that the “Vertex,Groups” you already have are “correct”
Just assign them to the correspondent bones!
Keep in mind that the oto tut is very old!
If you need that your character trigger “collisions” ( most probably!?) use an invisible cube as the main “actor”, parent the armature to the cube and the character to the Armature ( don’t forget to disable “collision” for all the faces of the character).