Trying to create a dog model

Hay all. I am trying to mold a dog. Please give your idea and help.


Make sure you use rerence pictures. That’s one thing I learned, modeling without references is like modeling blind. You have to have the final model clear in your head and then recreate it in blender.
On your image the front paws seem to be coming out of the bottom of the ribcage. This might work, but I think if you want to animate it the viewer will probably want to see the “elbow” moving over the ribs, and if you see it from the side you don’t have to wory about the two intersecting (yet).

Kind of off topic, but do you own a dog? I definetely stare at the mirror when I’m modeling human’s. I wish I had animal of some sort for modeling quadrapeds. hmmh. Maybe I could afford a hamster.

Definitely use a reference image.

Also it looks very hard to manage with all those polygons. I’d suggest modeling a very simple model with reference images, then using loopcuts to refine the simple model. This method is much easier than trying to wrangle a big pile of vertices.

Yes, make a simple box model , then turn on the subsurf, to add edge loops for the fine tuning.

Reference photos are a must for animals and people.

Thanks for suggesion. I am using lots of reference images.
I am getting some success in 1st left foreleg


Development Back feet


The toes are way to big, and where the claws come out doesn’t look accurite at all.

In back, a dog stands on its toes. Its heel is above the ground, behind the toes. The knee is above the heel, in front of it, and generally along the flank of the dog. The knee is connected to the pelvis which is behind the knee.

In front, a dog stands on its fingers. The heel of the palm is above the ground, behind the fingers. The elbow is above the heel, behind it, and generally at the level of the rib cage. The elbow is connected to the shoulder blade which is in front of the elbow. The shoulder blades are in a more or less vertically oriented and can poke up above the spine.

If you are trying to make a realistic dog, you’ll have to take this anatomy into account.

Thanks for suggesion. I will modify and show.

After seeing a real dog, I have changed the back leg shape.


Change it again.

The dog does not have a heel behind his toes that rests on the ground. The dog stands on his toes (literally, on the ball of his foot, which is the joint between the phlanges and the metacarpals or metatarsals) and his heel is in the air, not on the ground. The bones that run between the heel and the ball of the foot are fairly straight.


Here are some great reference pictures:
Page 1
Page 2

@Sanne Your reference is really great. I will help me a lot. Many Many Thansks
@Orinico Thanks for picture. It will all help me a lot to develop the dog model.

It remind me to a cat…mmm…

I have put your image as background and change the shape.


Much better. You still have a little bit of that heel thing going on, but you’re getting there. References make all the difference.

Thanks for guidance. I am working on that.

Nice dog!
Huge difference from your first pic.

I’ve been trying to find some good reference images of cats but I’ve found little in the way of accuracy. Can anybody suggest some reference sites which I may have missed?

Thanks all the friends are helping. I am trying to sattle the nose.


now it seem a dog to me :slight_smile: