Trying to create a specific fire. HOW?


I’ve seen a dozen tutorials on creating fire in Blender. (I have 2.68) but they all show how to make a roaring fire with large chaotic flames. I’m trying to create a fire simulation where a globe or sphere is engulfed in fire but the flames are much tamer.

Searching for an example of the fire I’m trying to achieve I found this image:

which is the type of fire I would like to create in blender. A fire that is more “harmonious” and less chaotic with the fingers of the flames smoother and less angry looking. My challenge is that there are so many settings to either the domain or the object on fire that, being new, it is very difficult to know which setting to adjust to get this look.

If you picture a globe engulfed in that fire image I attached where the fire produced looks like it comes more from gas stove than a camp fire, that is what I’d like to achieve. I’ve gone through about a half dozen tutorials trying to adjust settings with no luck.

Can somebody help me out with this? Being relatively new there are just too many settings to know which ones to adjust.

Thanks in advance.

I am thinking you need to use photoshop or gimp to create that image.

I found these tutorials which seem a bit tamer:

Want it animated in 3D, place57

Or can I just use something like a lotus flower and make flames out of it?

To get a smoother flame:

Reduce vorticity, both the general setting (doman > smoke tab) and extra flame vorticity (domain > flame tab). Higher vorticity values create a more turbulent and chaotic motion. Also reduce the flame-smoke setting (domain > flame tab). “calm” fires are generally thought of as clean burning, they produce little, if any, smoke. And avoid adding force fields to the sim unless you want to mimic a specific effect (like a windblown flame).

I think you might be able to make that picture with hair…i’m not quite sure though…

Thanks, J the Ninja, I will work with that. Can I take an object like a flower and make the petals animate as if they were gentle flames of fire? Is there anything out there that would guide me to doing something like this?

I tried to get something along the lines of that image.

Begin with Quick Smoke, and set the type to Fire. This sets up the materials and everything for you. Then change the fire emitter to a sphere or any other object you prefer. I then went into edit mode and selected a few faces random faces, created a new vertex group and used this vertex group to emit the flames. This ensured that the whole object wasn’t emitting flames, and only “streams” and wisps of fire were emitted.

In the domain simulation settings, I set the effect of temperature to 0, and lowered the vorticity to the minimum. Also in the fire settings, I also lowered the vorticity to 0. I enabled adaptive domain, and set the resolution to 64, high res to 5.

KEY POINT: set the noise value under the high res settings to 0. This makes the high res simulation smooth looking and wispy.

To get the fire to rise up and swivel around, I used two force fields placed above the emitter, a “vortex” and “force” force field.

Everything is in the blend file. Hope that was helpful enough on the simulation side of things.

wispy smooth fire.blend (653 KB)

Hi Blazraidr,

Thanks for the blend file. I will definitely work with it but am wondering why, after I open it up, run animation (alt + a) and then do a render I get the attached? Something is definitely off here, or was I suppose to do something more with it?