Trying to export a new model as .x, failing.

I made a very simple mesh, added an armature, and gave it a single animation. I made the mesh a child of the armature (I think), checked all the right options, and exported using export all. When I open it up in the DXViewer, the program hangs. I’ve been trying to get this to work for a while, but nothing will get the animated file into the program.

Whoops, I meant to attach the model in question.

DirectXExporter doesnt support separated chains.every bone must have
a parent.


Ok, I made the legs children of the head, and reanimated. When I export, nothing appears in the model viewer, and when I attempt to reload, the program hangs again. Here’s the updated model:

If you are still have problems, you can try this:

I had to do some modifications to your mesh, but after that it exports just fine. I have uploaded them in here temporarily.

Wow, thanks! I had given up hope but decided to check back just incase. Could you detail what you changed to make it work?

I just added an immobile root bone, tweaked vertex groups and applied transformations. You can compare the differences between the orginal and the new .blend-file to get more detailed information, but most of the changes were pretty small. It’s just that all those little things can sum up and the final result turns into a mess.