trying to fix an error with a list panel that appears since 2.66

I’ve been using this addon for improved layer management for quite some time now:

but it seems that with 2.66 it does not work anymore and i’m trying to make it work again. The error points to this line (line 424 in the version 0.2 script):

row.template_list(scene, “magiclayer”, scene, “magiclayer_index”, prop_list=“controls”, rows=15, maxrows=15)

which seems to define the layout of the panel. The error reads as follows:
'TypeError: UILayout.template_list(): error with argument 1, ‘listtype_name’ Function.listtype_name expected a string type, not Scene.

but the API tells me that argument 1 for template_llist is: data (AnyType) – Data from which to take property, which i guess should be able to take scene since it’s any type. But the error tells me that it wants a string type.