Trying to fix blender library

Hey everyone,

Ok, so I decided I really want the blender library to go with 2.44 and python 2.5 - never mind I’ve never done any python before… (but I’ve done a programming in a bunch of other languages).

As far as I can tell, there is a problem at (about) line #882 with the Draw.Image command. I checked the syntax online - all ok, I checked the values of the variables in the arguments just before issuing the Draw.Image command and they’re ok (specifically the url to the image).

So, now I’m like ??? Is Draw.Image broken or something? What a pain…

Simon O

sorry mate, I’m no Python expert, but I too had a thread awhile ago where I tried to fix it, but kept getting deprecated and all. Sounds like you got farther than I did. You know, it makes this camera and tries to render an image of it for the image preview. I think that is where it gets tripped up. If you post your version, it would help, since you have made some changes, and I have changes, and others havent made any at all, perhaps we can start a community-forum attempt at getting it working, but we need a clean baseline to work from.

As far as I can tell, creating the thumbnails is working. If you add a material to the library and go and check in the library folders (i.e. library/blendLib/materialLib/organic/) you’ll see a blend, thumbnail and text file have been created - and the thumbnail is fine.

It’s displaying it thats the problem. As far as changing the code goes, I haven’t actually changed anything, I’ve just add print statements in strategic places to check in the console what values are in variables (i.e. make sure its looking for the image in the right place) and which way the program flow has gone.

I also checked the jpg in fireworks - it’s fine. They appear to be non-progressive jpg files too, but just to cover more bases, I exported it from fireworks as a progressive jpg but no improvement (in flash dynamic loading of jpgs doesn’t like progressive jpgs so I thought maybe that had something to do with the problem here).

Unfortunately, it looks like its something fubar with Draw.Image in 2.44 and python 2.5 :frowning:

I’m actually really surprised that the whole blender dev team didn’t jump on this functionality and hard code it (fixed) into blender. Don’t get me wrong, I’m back in blender boots and all, but to be able to browse a thumbnail based “in app” library of any and all your blender assets would just be huge.

I’m reviving this thread because this feature should be in trunk ages ago so we can actually manage our materials with ease, right now if you have more than 5 materials on a scene managing them is hell on earth.

Does any one knows if theres any chance a charitable soul could get this script to to work on 2.69?