Trying to generate a curve path in geometry nodes and be able to control it with empties

Hi there! Right now, I’m trying to achieve a result similar to this

but I’d like it to be a bit less dumb than it is right now. Let me explain.

Basically this is a curve path generated from a Line Curve and resampled to match the count number of the instances that I call from this collection info node containing a bunch of empty objects

after this, I proceeded to set the position and tilt of each control point of the curve using the singular empties position and rotation using the index to order them

the last part of the graph is just to smooth the curve and preserve the tilt after I turn it to a mesh to be able to use the subdivision surface node and turning it back to a curve

All this works just fine, and it does exactly what I need it to do, but I’m not sure about how many control points (empties) I need to be able to control smoothly my curve for the scene that I’m building. Off course, I could add or remove a module to this graph if I want it to use more or less points, but I was wondering if there is a better way.

Ideally the curve should be able to change based on how many objects I put in the collection containing the empties and the order should be based on the name of the object. Do you think could be achievable, a similar behavior?

Just use the instances directly?

This setup will dynamically add points to the curve as you add empties to the collection.

Hope that helps.


Well yes! That’s exactly what I was trying to do! I knew it was supposed to be an easy task, but I’m still learning all this Geo nodes stuff, in particular I was missing the use of the sample index node. Now I understand how it works. Thanks mate