Trying to get a red hot metal look

Hello everyone. My first post. Hope its not out of line. This is probably a materials/shading/lighting/animation question so I wasn’t sure where to post it. :slight_smile:

I want to get this sort of look in terms of the darker stuff flaking off to reveal the red hot steel and I’m just not sure the best approach. Any pointers would be much appreciated.


Very nice. Some intense node trees there. :slight_smile: Might be a little advanced for me right now but filed away for future. Thanks!

So I messed with this for a bit and this is a basic material of what I think your trying to get. You need a black and white texture mask for the scale (That’s what the flakes are called), the white parts will show and the black won’t, Your scale texture (I used a rust texture greyscaled and the parts I didn’t want I turned black just in case the mask had any extra space), and a glowing metal texture (This one was made in GIMP). This could be a lot better but I have a few other projects I’m working on and therefore don’t have much time in the day.

Heated metal.blend (4.72 MB)

Sincerely: Mandrimore


Okay. So 10 minutes after I posted that I decided it was terrible. I then spent the next 2 weeks making a new one in my free time and this is what I got. The node trees are fairly complex, sorry about that, so I’m not going to explain all of it, I’m posting the pictures and .blend though, and I might make a tutorial for it at some point, if so I’ll update this reply. Also I was wrong about the mask, black shows and white does not. You cant see the nodes in the picture so you’ll have to open the .blend for that, and I used the compositor this time for the glow effect.
Heated metal 2.blend (4.83 MB)

how did u get the halo ?
composition ?

I think it would worth to add a tut in the forum for this

happy bl

Looking good, but if you notice in the reference, the orange along the corners is a little tighter than what you have in your material. Also, the “flecks” where it’s not “red hot” need a little work. In the references, they don’t completely block the metal all over. Parts of them are kind of starting to turn as well.

Still, as far as you’ve gone, this is looking really good!

I got sidetracked this summer but I’m back on this project and thought I should pop back in here…and I find that I missed Madrimore’s crazy cool proof of concept by a couple days.

Thanks so much for the file. Going to take the time this weekend to stare at that node tree and try to reverse engineer it.

By the looks of it it though, in order to really sell the effect, I basically will need a custom texture with yellow core and red edges…which might be next to impossible since the final product is suppose to be a fairly wordy logo cut into the molten steel…