Trying to learn lighting and composition. What can I add to improve this lighting?

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Weren’t there originally some light fixtures on the ceiling?

Yes, I removed it because I wanted it to have a evening feeling and also they looked really fake.

New Version of this.

The blue light coming from the corridor is distracting. That part was better in the first picture.

I think too less light is coming from the windows. And it feels like the Sun is on a side, making the diffuse too much spreaded (you get it, right…). The rest is good looking.

I didn’t really get it, sorry.
These are the new versions tho, trying to colour grade confused on what looks good.

  • maybe increase indirect light bounces
  • add a light next to the camera but facing the blackboard, so more light gets cast on those chairs

Like this?

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yeah look a bit better, keep indirect light bounces at 5 though, or it will takes longer to render

Do you have any ideas on making this lighting better?
I am really bad at lighting.

the area light behind the chair… should brighten up the scene a bit.
But what kind of scene are you going for? moody or brightly lit?

I was going for a nostalgic, moody type lighting.

This highly subjective, but I do like the contrast (between light and dark) in the first image the most.
The foreground in the other images is too dark IMHO.

Is this better?

Either my memory is bad or the very first version of this is no longer being shown.

I liked the first version that I remember in my head. There was like a glow from the door, it was spooky, i could imagine a story behind it.

Because I am familiar with this demo scene it will always feel off without the ceiling light fixtures.

Sorry for the vague explanation.
I saw the new renders you made and i think the first modified scene you made (on the reply of @thinsoldier) is quite satisfactory.

A personal preference would be a light on the back of the classroom,since it’s a evening scene and in our school the lights are usually turned on by this time.

Also the second modified render you made on my reply is good too, though the light is a bit too orange.

Most importantly the two renders I just said about represent two very different moods, so you can choose either one depending on what mood you want to express.

It was a somewhat longer reply so I sent it as an email. I hope you get it.
Thank you.

High noon in a room with no shades on the windows and only 3 walls on a tropical island at the height of summer, our classroom lights were always on all day.

This probably is my last render, it was too frustrating because it wasnt looking good.
Any critiques would be appreciated so I can get better on the next render.

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!